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We can provide your business – at whatever stage of its business life –
with the accounting and taxation services you will require.

However, the service we offer clients goes a lot further than this. We are here to help you achieve your business goals and, in the process, ensure that you make and keep as much money as possible.

The business world is constantly changing and it is our job to ensure that we provide our clients with the most up to date, relevant and beneficial advice possible.

We are flexible in that we will get involved as much or as little as you want in your business. We enjoy rolling our sleeves up and helping you to take advantage of more than 30 years’ of experience in ensuring that our clients get the most from their businesses.

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We provide our clients with the professional accounts a business requires and ensure that company owners meet their obligations to Companies House, HMRC and other regulatory bodies.

You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your accounts are being prepared by an experienced team who have been advising businesses for over 30 years.

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Acquisition and Sale

One of the great things about working with so many different businesses is that they are all at different stages in their business life.

We have helped hundreds of businesses over the years acquire other companies as part of a business growth strategy and we have also advised clients looking to sell their businesses. Most businesses only go through this process once or twice in their business lives, while a few will see acquisition and merger as an integral part of their business planning.

We can advise on all aspects of a business transaction, assisting with business valuation, due diligence, tax planning, sourcing of finance and, ultimately, ensuring the best possible financial structure for any acquisition, sale or merger that is agreed.

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Company Formation and Start-Ups

We can assist clients with all aspects of company formation, advising you on the best structure for you and your business, whether it be sole trader, limited company or limited liability partnership.

We will work with you to ensure that your business gets off to a flying start. We can assist you with putting in place all the formal documentation you will require to start trading and ensuring that everything is in place regarding income tax and corporation tax, VAT, PAYE and national insurance. Our start-up service for business owners also includes guidance on many other matters including accounting, bookkeeping, finance raising and taxation.

We take immense pleasure in watching a new business go from strength to strength. By putting in place the best possible structures and processes at the start, a business owner is giving themselves every chance of success.

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Company Secretarial

Every limited company has to meet statutory requirements of annual company returns which, for start-up or small companies, can be extremely demanding.

By using our Company Secretarial service, you will have peace of mind that your business is fully compliant with Companies House.

We will oversee all necessary responsibilities such as annual returns, notifying members of meetings and the keeping of minutes of meetings.

Our Company Secretarial service allows business owners and their teams to get on with the job of running their businesses.

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Sage Software Training

We are able to help businesses install and then operate their own Sage accounting software.

Our team is able to advise you on the right Sage package for your business and then ensure that it is set up effectively and tailored to suit the needs of your company or organisation.

We are a former winner of the IT Advisor of the Year at the Sage North West Accountancy Practice of the Year Awards.

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Succession Planning

For many business owners, there comes a point when it is time to consider passing the business they have built up on to the next generation. This may mean passing the business baton on to the next generation of the same family or it may be about bringing on a management team.

There are many diverse and complex matters that any business owner needs to consider including business and share valuations, financing arrangements, introducing family members as partners or directors, transfer of voting powers, tax efficiency and protection of assets.

Succession planning is something that should begin well in advance of any change of ownership of a business. We can work closely with you to help you put a strong and, ultimately successful, plan in place.

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Support for Personal Receivers

We have acted on behalf of a number of Personal Receivers in their dealings with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).

Our work can involve the preparation of Receiver accounts for submission, guidance in how to deal with the OPG and looking after the tax affairs of the patient.

Cases of this nature can be extremely complicated and emotional and having the right professional support and guidance can be hugely important, especially in cases where significant sums of money are involved.

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Good bookkeeping is at the heart of any successful business. If you can get your bookkeeping systems and processes working well, it puts a business in the best possible shape to be successful.

Our bookkeeping service for businesses offers a comprehensive range of services including sales and supplier invoice records, cash book records, debtor and creditor ledgers, VAT records and management accounts.

We can help ensure that VAT returns are completed accurately and returned on time and allow you to meet your obligations to HMRC.

We have expertise in the majority of bookkeeping software applications.

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Business Development

We offer a specialist business development programme for business owners keen to involve us in a more hands-on role within their company.

Running a business is incredibly demanding and time-consuming and finding the time to step outside of the business and look at the bigger picture can be hard – even though you know it is so important.

Over the years, we have worked with a number of businesses, helping them to maximise their business potential by playing a key role in the development of a clear business strategy.

In some cases, this has seen us attending monthly board meetings and spending other time within a business, helping the owner and their team to stay on track and, ultimately, achieve their objectives.

We have put in place a Business Development Programme (BDP) which we are able to deliver on behalf of clients, particularly those with ambitious growth plans. We are so confident in the added value provided by our BDP that we have always offered a full “don’t pay if you are not satisfied with the outcome” policy for each stage of the process.

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Finance Raising

At some stage on their business journey, an owner will probably have a requirement to raise finance. It may be to help you start out, to make an acquisition or to restructure. We have over 30 years’ experience of supporting businesses through the process of raising finance.

We will help you assess the reasons for seeking finance and the potential requirements and will then advise on the possible options you may have to secure the funding your need. We will also be on hand to assist you in putting together any business case to ensure that your request for finance is looked upon favourably.

There was a time when the high street banks would have been the only option for businesses to consider, but there are now many different options, including new entrant banks and crowdfunding platforms, available to the entrepreneur.

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It is absolutely crucial that any business stays compliant with HMRC, but it is equally the case that no business wants to pay more tax than is absolutely necessary.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of tax services to suit their requirements and the size of their business. We will help you with the preparation and submission of tax returns, ensuring that you meet the deadlines laid down by HMRC. At the same time, we will ensure that you are taking advantage of the various reliefs and allowances available to businesses in order that you can minimise the amount you pay in tax.

There are a number of exciting tax reliefs available to business owners including the Small Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits and Capital Allowances. Entrepreneurs’ Relief is particularly attractive at the time of business sale.

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Business Valuations

We are able to provide businesses with a range of valuation services depending on their requirements.

There are a number of different scenarios when a valuation may be important including buying and selling a business, transferring shares, financing, restructuring, accounting and tax purposes, dispute resolution and litigation support.

Our team has over 30 years’ experience of providing businesses with independent and robust valuations across many different sectors.

Value is key to many businesses whether it is understanding the value of your own business or a particular asset or a competitor business which you may wish to acquire or merge with.

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Trusts and Estates

We have considerable experience acting on behalf of Trusts and Estates.

Our work includes assisting trustees with difficulties in calculating tax liabilities, completing tax forms and preparing accounts. We are also able to act as executors and trustees.

Inheritance tax planning and estate planning are other areas in which our team is able to assist.

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Financial and Retirement Planning

Our sister company, Phillip Bates & Co Financial Services, works with clients across the UK helping them to put in place the best possible financial and retirement plans. It is their role as Independent Chartered Financial Planners to help you choose the most suitable investments to help you meet your financial objectives.

They will put in place the most appropriate investment strategy to meet your needs and the one that is best suited to your investment attitude and tax position.

They are committed to understanding your finances, agreeing your objectives and then designing the financial plan to meet with your requirements.

Their experienced team acts for individuals and businesses on savings and investments, retirement planning, pensions, life assurance, health insurance, mortgages and many other aspects of financial life.

They are committed to providing our and their clients with a clear, transparent service with their initial meeting usually being free of charge.

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Budgeting, Cash Flow and Forecasts

Budgeting and forecasting are other important parts of any business and allow a business owner to keep a close control on finances and operations.

Budgeting enables a business to set targets for sales and margins and reinforces the importance of cash flow and credit control.

A budget will also help you to plan future growth, investment and expansion. We work closely with businesses to help them prepare ambitious yet achievable budgets.

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Business Planning

Whether you are starting out in business or been trading for a number of years, business planning is critical.

We work with our clients helping them to put together robust business plans which help to focus the owners and their teams and, in certain cases, help them to secure finance to assist in the future growth of their company.

We can provide you with clear, professional and objective advice to ensure that your business plan is fit for purpose. We will also continue to work with you to update your business plan as the business evolves, ensuring that the plan’s goals remain up to date, relevant and achievable.

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Most businesses will agree that managing payroll is one of the most frustrating and challenging aspects of business life.

We are able to provide our clients with a cost and time effective payroll solution suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Recent changes such as the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) and auto-enrolment requirements have made payroll more onerous than ever.

Please contact our team to discover more about how we can help you operate a smooth, effective, timely and compliant payroll service.

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Our experienced team is able to advise business owners on all aspects of VAT.

As with taxation, it is crucial that a business makes its payments on time and remains fully compliant.

We can help with many different aspects of VAT from advising on VAT registration through to identifying potential problems and ways in which a business can reduce its VAT costs.

VAT rules and regulations change on a regular basis, which means it is crucial our team keeps you fully informed as to any implications for your business.

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Litigation Support

We work closely with businesses and the legal profession on matters of litigation.

Some of the more common areas where litigation can arise include business shareholder and partnership disputes, share and business valuation, professional negligence actions and matrimonial disputes and settlements.

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Law of Property Act Receivers

We can assist charge holders in planning possession to effectively secure a property to recover as much value as possible in settlement of their debt. Our service includes property management and, if appropriate, continuation of trade.

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