We offer a specialist business development programme for business owners keen to involve us in a more hands-on role within their company.

Running a business is incredibly demanding and time-consuming and finding the time to step outside of the business and look at the bigger picture can be hard – even though you know it is so important.

Over the years, we have worked with a number of businesses, helping them to maximise their business potential by playing a key role in the development of a clear business strategy.

In some cases, this has seen us attending monthly board meetings and spending other time within a business, helping the owner and their team to stay on track and, ultimately, achieve their objectives.

We have put in place a Business Development Programme (BDP) which we are able to deliver on behalf of clients, particularly those with ambitious growth plans. We are so confident in the added value provided by our BDP that we have always offered a full “don’t pay if you are not satisfied with the outcome” policy for each stage of the process.