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Phillip Bates gives his Scottish Referendum Result Reactions to IFA Magazine

Phillip Bates was invited by IFA Magazine to give his reaction to the Scottish Referendum Result.

Phillip Bates, Principal at Cheshire accountants Phillip Bates & Co:

“I breathed a big sigh of relief this morning after waking to the news that Scotland had said No. The economic and social carnage that would have followed a Yes vote brought a cold shudder to me. Throughout the debate I felt that the major uncertainties associated with an independent Scotland around currency, admission to Europe and the extent of loss of jobs and income to Scotland as significant businesses moved south of the border would be so substantial that “No” would prevail.

“It is surprising the vote was as close as it was given the lack of clear financial information on the expected assets and liabilities, future income and expenditure of a Scottish nation. It is scary to think that the future of our Union could have changed with a swing of 5.3% of those who voted – only 192,000 people or two and a bit times the capacity of Wembley Stadium. The feelings of frustration, isolation and impotence  of the Scottish people with their lives controlled from a distant Westminster and a Government not understanding their position or needs has undoubtedly been a major reason for the dissatisfaction.  Similar frustrations are found in the North West and no doubt other regions outside the South East.  Those frustrations and the West Lothian question need to be addressed as urgently as the need to devolve powers to Scotland.”

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